1. If you want to start your live streaming using the on.live app, you must first go to the https://on.live website and log in or create a new user account.

2. The next step to start live broadcast is to set up your channel. 

To create your channel simply use a convenient wizard that is available from the menu on the page. You can read the channel creation guide here.


3. If you already created your channel and activated it in the channel settings, you can go to your dedicated public broadcast page to start live broadcasts.All you have to do is click the start broadcast option on your channel.

4. On the public broadcast subpage you can start broadcasting directly from your webcam or use your private stream key which you can use in external applications such as OBS or Xsplit. You can use the same key to broadcast with on.live app available in the appstore.

To get your stream key, select the gear icon which is available in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you click on the gear icon you will see a menu where you can choose connected webcam or external software.

Change the option to external software to get your stream key.

5. Open your app. Enter your stream key and click the start broadcast button.

6. With the mobile application, click the red button, the stream from your mobile device to your channel will start immediately.

7. Your broadcast is not yet visible to all users on the platform, but app connects directly to your channel so that you can set the equipment properly and check the best setting for your streaming device. Remember that streaming from the smartphone takes a lot of power. Have your phone charged or use external power source like power bank or mains adaptor.

After setting up, when you are ready to start your broadcast, just switch the “off air” button to “on air”. From now on, your live broadcast will be visible to other users whenever you start using the app and hit the red "record" button.

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